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portrait of Rachel Perzynski

About Me

I use dramaturgy as a means of advocacy. I write, edit, teach, research, and curate. With an eye for form, I help artists and writers develop innovative new works that engage with the here and now.

Poster of The Kingdom of Slovenalia

Jan 15-Feb 21 2021

The Kingdom of Slovenalia

An interactive, virtual performance during which guests in Slovenalia are guided by four tour guides to wander through agricultural and mythological landscapes. Produced by the Museum of Unnatural History Chicago (MUnCh) and supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency and DCASE. 

De.cypher Graphic

June 2021


2020 Time Capsule

A digital salon that asks BIPOC creators to respond to the social climate of 2020. Curated by Mars Wolfe.

Upcoming/Recent Events

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